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5 Questions with a Ground Control Support Specialist

If you are a customer of Envision’s Ground Control suite of Managed Services and you open a support ticket or call in with a request after hours, you will likely speak to Matt Greenbaum.

Covering the late shift at Envision, Matt works weeknights until 9:00pm handling various support requests and scheduled maintenance tasks for Ground Control customers.

We sat down with Matt to learn a little bit more about Envision’s Managed Services platform.

1. What kind of misconceptions do people typically have about “managed services”?

Most of the questions I get are about security and privacy. People hear about “Remote Monitoring” services and they imagine that someone is watching their every move that they make on their computer. That is not what we are doing at all.

Remote Monitoring really just allows us to get some insight into systems so we can see what is going on and even identify potential problems before they cause any kind of business interruption. There is no one actively following your computer activity in a creepy “Big Brother” fashion.

2. Why is “late hours support” a valuable part of the Ground Control offering?

A large percentage of Ground Control’s customers are based on the East Coast, but we have clients from all across the country. By having our Help Desk staffed until 9:00pm EST, we are able to cover not only normal business hours for those East Coast customers, but also our West Coast clients as well. While we also have a 24x7x365 answering service that will connect with our engineers in an emergency, having a Ground Control Support Specialist that they can connect with immediately is extremely helpful when clients need assistance fast.

In addition to simply being here for customers when they need us, these later hours are also a perfect time to complete scheduled maintenance tasks that may be intrusive to a client and prevent them from using their computer while we are doing the work.

3. What kind of tasks are best suited to late hours work?

The scenario I just mentioned is an ideal one for late hours work. Customers often call in to us reporting that their computer may be running poorly, but that they can still use it for the time being. In these cases, we can allow someone to complete their work day and we can then troubleshoot the problem once they have left for the evening. This will prevent that employee from sitting idle and not being able to work while we take a look to see what may be happening on their computer. This kind of intrusive troubleshooting is best done in the evening so that when that employee returns to work the next day, they are all set and ready to work like normal.

Intrusive software updates or performance clean ups are other tasks that are best done after people have left for the day. These can be task that are scheduled as part of a regular Proactive Management Plan, or they can be things that are being done by request on a case-by-case basis.

4. Besides handling support requests, what else do you do for Ground Control?

I am actually a Developer for the platform, which means I play a role in creating new functionality and features for the system and in testing those additions before we roll them out to our customer base. We’re always looking for new ways to improve the platform and add value for customers, so this role is actually one that I take very seriously and derive a lot of satisfaction from. Seeing how features I have had a role in developing are later used to drive real business results for Ground Control’s clients is a wonderful feeling and one of the reasons I love to do what I do.

5. What would people be surprised to learn about Ground Control Managed Services?

The amount of small problems that we are able to resolve without clients even knowing we are doing it always amazes me. In many cases, these are problems that, if left untreated, would absolutely blow up in time and cause bigger problems for these clients. By remotely monitoring these environments, and by enacting a smart Proactive Maintenance plan, I have seen some clients reduce their unplanned downtime to almost none at all and exponentially increase overall employee productivity.

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