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Digital Workspace Products Unite User Resources

Digital workspaces provide central access to, and management of, users' corporate resources, making it easier for IT and users to do their jobs. It's no surprise the workspace market is also the latest battle ground for Citrix and VMware.

A new option has emerged in end-user computing to make it easier for IT to organize and support workers' virtual desktops, applications, data and devices: the digital workspace.

Digital workspaces -- which are also often referred to as virtual workspaces -- aren't right for all organizations, but many companies looking to provide employees with remote access to their user-specific resources will find that workspaces can simplify IT management. Keep in mind, though, that end-user computing (EUC) is an innovating and evolving industry. Even if those digital workspaces show promise, vendors might soon develop products that are even more streamlined for users and IT.

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