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Envision Versus a 757 in the Fight Against MS

In the blue corner…a bunch of engineers, sales professionals, and IT nerds. In the red corner…a 757 FedEx jet.  Can we do it?

Next month, the Envision team is putting our strength to the test by seeing how far we can pull a plane to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  At Envision, we care about helping people and having fun while doing it.  That’s a big part of our mission, after all, so challenging ourselves to pull a jet to raise money for charity is the perfect team building activity for us! 

More Than Team Building

While it will undoubtedly be fun for us to get out there and have the bragging rights of having moved a plane with our bare hands (ok, they’ll be gloved), the most important thing is that we’re doing it for a great cause.  We’re helping to change the lives of people affected by MS—a disabling disease of the central nervous system.  While the cause is unknown and progress and severity of symptoms cannot be predicted, every dollar raised will go towards the increased research which is leading to a better understanding of the disease.  The more we fight, the closer we’ll be to an MS free world. 

Join Us in the Fight!

You may not be able to be there to help us pull that plane, but you can help us reach our fundraising goal by donating to our team.  Do something good today—help us fight against MS and stay tuned to our Facebook page for pictures of the Jet Pull on on Saturday, October 28th!

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