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Software-Only Options Poised to Change VDI Storage Market

The VDI storage market is heating up, with an array of options for software-only storage platforms. Each one differs significantly from the next.

There's a lot of information out there about conventional models for managing storage for VDI, but new technologies that can reshape how IT administrators think about virtual desktop infrastructure are always emerging. In the VDI storage market, the latest players are software-only.

Some people make the mistake of thinking all the vendors in this market are the same. Indeed, they typically do one of two things: accelerate existing storage or create a virtual storage area network (SAN) from a disk that's already in the hosts. Once a vendor is put into one of these two buckets, it's easy to dismiss them as "just another acceleration or vSAN provider."

The truth is that most of the new vendors in the VDI storage marketare different from one another.

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