"Being seen as a valued member of the organization"

– Edwina Niedfeldt

To me working at Envision means being seen as a valued member of the organization. I’ve worked for Envision for almost six years and my time here hasn’t exactly been linear. When I first started in 2012, I was a member of the Sales department and fell in love with the culture. Unfortunately, after a little over a year, I was laid off. This was mostly due to restructuring, but also due to my being not great at selling things…

Luckily, after about six months, Envision was hiring for a part-time administrative assistant and were either desperate or missed me because when I inquired about the position they took me back. During that time, I was able to take some business classes and pursue a goal I had been working towards previously in my free time, only to discover that I really didn’t like where that road was headed.

Around this time, Envision was in the midst of welcoming aboard the DID (Digital Innovation and Design) team, meaning the company would be expanding substantially. Somewhere in the many discussions about logistics and bringing the two teams together there was mention of possibly having an in-house HR representative. The idea of taking another direction in my professional development kept noodling around my mind and when I spoke with Britte, my manager and company’s controller, about starting down a path to yet again change my position within the company, she was beyond supportive. Since that initial conversation, she and I have had strategic meetings and she's coached me in developing a HR presence that will work with the existing culture here.

Edwina and Todd during the 2014 holiday season
Edwina and Todd during the 2014 holiday season

Fast forward to present day and I've come back on as full time, working in both an administrative role while taking on more HR responsibilities. I've started attending classes at Bryant in their HR Certification program and plan to continue and get my SHRM certification as well. None of these things were a passing thought to me five years ago, and now they all seem like the most natural next steps for me. I don't know if I would have come to the realization that I'd enjoy being in Human Resources without having worked here at Envision and I know that I would not have taken the jump in going back to school without the support of Britte.

Senior management took the time to get to know me and even though I had failed in one department, they recognized that I’d be a good fit in another. Britte has encouraged me to grow professionally and academically and my coworkers have supported my professional development. Envision as a whole has embraced me as I’ve grown over the past few years and made working here a wonderful experience where I feel valued as an employee and person.

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