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Advanced Teams for Managers and C-Suite (May)

Event Date:

May 25, 2021

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM



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Microsoft Teams has become the leading platform for seamless communication and collaboration across companies, their employees, and their clients – but it can only enable your Digital Culture.. it can’t create it. In this session, we will look at how senior team leaders can use Teams to their advantage. Use the form below to register, or see the details at the bottom of the page for specifics on what may be covered in this monthly session.

Key points covered will include:

  • Managing Digital Culture & Teams
    • Administering Private Channels
    • Managing Sprawl
    • Governance
  • Applications to extend culture
    • Using Praise
    • Surveys and Quizes
    • Integrating Sharepoint
    • Connecting external applications to Teams
  • Creating recreational / team-building opportunities
    • A dedicated rec team
    • Internal events
      • Jeopardy Labs
      • Scribbl.io
      • Impromptu meet-ups
      • Watch parties
  • Integrating Video Channels into Teams
    • Communication applications
    • Training applications
  • Teams Meetings
    • Putting a professional polish on meetings
    • Managing presenter features
    • Using Breakout Rooms
  • Teams Live Events
    • How to produce live events
    • Taking in multiple sources of video / audio
    • Composing scenes (graphical overlay, PiP, etc)
  • What’s next for Teams?
    • Upcoming feature releases and roadmap

Have a question about advanced Teams usage that isn’t answered here? Bring it with you! There will be lots of opportunities to engage with out experts and get your specific questions answered.

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