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Teams Training for End-Users (April)

Event Date:

Apr 20, 2021

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM



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This informative session is presented each month, giving users some key tips on how to use Microsoft Teams. Register using the form below, or see the details of what is covered in this session further down the page.

Topics covered each month include:

Defining Teams' place in the office productivity stack

Basics of Key Components

  1. What is a Team?
  2. What is a Channel?
  3. Understanding Basic Security and Membership
  4. File Sharing/Storage

Using the Product

  1. Posting and sharing in Teams
    1. Announcements/Etiquette and Structure
    2. Notifications and Mentions in Teams
  2. Overview of Teams File Collaboration
    1. File collaboration options and features
    2. Version history demo
  3. Using Tabs to Simplify Access
    1. Files as Tabs
    2. Websites / Web Apps as Tabs
    3. Productivity tools as Tabs (planner etc.)


    1. Messaging Basics
    2. Overview of Chat File Collaboration
    3. Audio/Video/Screen Sharing


  1. Internal Meetings
  2. External Meetings
  3. Meetings within a Team or Channel

Activity and Notifications

Organizing Teams

  1. Pinning/Saving/Customizing settings

Open Discussion and Q&A

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