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Managed Border Security

Taking Charge of Network Security

Managed Border Security with Envision and Sonicwall

Purchasing a firewall can be a big investment.  However, it’s typically the care and feeding of a firewall that ends up costing you the most.  Alerting setup and response, ongoing updates and patching as well as regular reviews requires time and resources that are typically sacred in day to day IT operations. 

Ground Control can handle those concerns for you. With Ground Control Managed Border Security, all you do is sign up and we do all the heavy lifting. Ground Control delivers:

  • Simple deployment
  • Proactive Monitoring and Management*
  • Unlimited site-to-site VPN configuration
  • Unlimited configuration changes, request tracking, and validation
  • Monthly penetration scanning / reporting
  • Monthly statistics reporting
  • Quarterly reviews with experienced professionals

You could own your own firewalls - or you can let Envision provide you security, piece of mind, and superior service.  Focus on your business, let Envision focus on your network security.

How Does It Work?

Simple Deployment -  We will ship you your firewall(s) pre-configured and ready to be plugged in. Once online, our systems automatically detect them and alert you by email that they are being managed.

Unlimited Site-to-Site VPN Configuration - We will handle all configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of any needed site-to-site VPN tunnels.

Unlimited Configuration Changes, Request Tracking, and Validation - We will provide you with a ticket system where you can submit change requests for your firewalls. Once a change is made, you will be contacted to ensure that the change is functional and effective.

Monthly Penetration Scanning / Reporting - We will execute monthly external penetration testing to ensure you are protected. Reports for all managed firewalls are delivered monthly.

Monthly Statistics Reporting - We- will provide monthly reporting for all managed firewalls to include utilization, penetration attempts, failed login attempts, and a host of other metrics.

Quarterly Reviews with Experienced Professionals - Most importantly, Envision will provide you with the best experts in the industry to answer your questions. Additionally, you will receive a quarterly call from one of our team members to review your account, firewalls, and activity.

*Does not include incident response.  Incident Response hours can be purchased along with your Managed Border Security service.

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