Concierge configuration services - system imaging, asset tagging, laser etching, image design and management

Concierge Configuration Services

The Shortest Path to Success

Concierge Configuration ServicesYour time is at a premium. Why spend it imaging computers and servers, or updating firmware on new switches and firewalls?

When it comes to large orders of endpoints, switches, servers, and firewalls you should let Envision handle the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on your business. Simply place your equipment order and ship it directly to our Concierge Configuration Center. Our Concierge Services team will take it from there.

Services Offered Include

  • Image design and consulting
  • Bulk system imaging
  • Image management
  • Asset tagging
  • Laser etching
  • Depot services
  • Field equipment management

Our Concierge Configuration Center

Located in the same large facility as our Rhode Island office, Envision's Concierge Configuration Center features the following:

Security and Control

  • Inventory is barcoded and location coded
  • Check-in/check-out system during configuration ensures chain of custody
  • Facility carries $3,000,000 in insurance
  • Access is via two-factor physical security
  • Monitored 24x7 for fire/break-in/water
  • Real-time video surveillance with 30 day retention

Designed for Services at Scale

We have immediate warehouse storage for up to:

  • 14,400 tablet devices
  • 2,000 PCs
  • 8,000 laptops
  • 10,000 network devices
  • 1000 servers

Additionally, we have reserve capacity above these volumes with advanced notice.

Don't undervalue your time or the time of your team. Our concierge services can save you money compared to the opportunity cost of doing it yourself.

Visibility and Control

Make deploying equipment to users and branch offices simple by leveraging Envision’s Ground Control managed services platform.

With Ground Control, our team will be able to track usage and trending, patch systems remotely, enforce software policy, and push needed updates.

Let our experts attend to the details of your configuration so that you can deliver value to your business. Contact us to learn how we can help you today.

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