Endpoint Security Solutions - Multi-Factor Authentication, Endpoint Encryption, Mobile Device Management, Data at Rest

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Data & Endpoint Security

The first step in any company’s security strategy needs to be protecting the endpoints that are a part of that organization’s network. Envision’s Data & Endpoint Security solutions have four individual components:

  1. Multi Factor Authentication - require users on your network to provide more than on factor of identity when logging in.
  2. Endpoint Encryption - protect your endpoints by encrypting company data, rendering it unreadable to unauthorized users
  3. Mobile Device Management - protect applications, devices, and data, and both on and off your network and detect and respond to breaches.
  4. Data at Rest - archived data and files that are not accessed regularly are still vulnerable to attack and must be secured .

From the computers in your offices, to the mobile devices that your employees carry, to USB drives or other files stored off your network, your company’s security and compliance starts by protecting these devices and being prepared to respond should any be compromised.

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