Incident Response helpdesk support services - Tier 1 helpdesk, onsite support, and Tier 2 technical support

Incident Response Services

Helping Hands Where, and When, You Need Them Most

Tiered helpdesk supportWhile monitoring and proactive management solutions can help prevent many potential problems in your environment, there will always be times when issues do arise.

With Ground Control's Incident Response Services, you will have a team who is intimately familiar with that environment ready to take the lead and tackle those problems. We offer three levels of tiered support to meet your organization's needs.

Level 1: Unlimited Remote Helpdesk - Tier 1 Technical Support

The Ground Control support team will take 100% of your end-user calls, triaging issues for your team. Issues up to the operating system are resolved and more complex issues are escalated either to Envision's Tier 2 team or back to your own team.

Level 2: Dedicated Onsite Resource

Envision’s Ground Control team can augment your staff and free you up so that you can run your business. Gone are the days of searching, hiring, training, managing, and supporting your helpdesk personnel. Envision’s Dedicated Onsite Resources are selected, trained, and managed by Envision directly. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Remotely Backed by Envision’s Combined Knowledge - Typically if a helpdesk person doesn’t know how to do something, it’s up to you to teach them; not with Ground Control. Our Dedicated Onsite team has the combined resources of Envision’s entire organization behind them
  • Easy to Engage - Envision’s Dedictaed Onsite Resource service includes access to our ticket system for your users. Already have a ticket system? Just tell us and we’ll do our best to integrate to what you already have
  • A Winning Proposition - You’ve got better things to do than manage the helpdesk. Envision’s Dedicated Onsite Resource team reports to Envision managers. We track them and keep them on-task. All your people have to do is send them support requests

Level 3: Tier 2 Technical Support

Envision's best and brightest are on-call for you! Tier 2 hours are placed under contract and are used as-needed to respond to detected events in your network.

Which Tier Is Right For Me?

Whether your contract needs are for Tier 1 remote support, a dedicated onsite resource, Tier 2 support, or a combination of these offerings, we can help determine which service will be the best for your needs. Contact us so that we can learn more about your technical support requirements and allow us to show you how Envision's Ground Control can help meet those needs.

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