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Monitored Network Sensors

When You Only Need Monitoring and Alerting

Monitored Network SensorsPart of Ground Control's "Monitoring and Management" services, Monitored Network Sensors (MNS) is a cost-effective solution when all you really need is monitoring and alerting.

MNS is capable of monitoring any network attached device with an IP address via ICMP, WMI, SNMP, NetFlow, IPFIX, jFlow, or sFlow. As a result, this solution is the ideal product for tracking outages, bandwidth consumption, WAN statistics, and basic Windows services.

How It Works

An MNS agent is installed in the network which proactively scans for devices. As nodes are detected, the Ground Control team will select aspects of those nodes which would benefit from monitoring and will setup a sensor.

MNS is a dynamic diagnostics service. The Ground Control team, in conjunction with Envision’s engineering core, may add or remove sensors from various nodes as needed to provide on-demand detail for nodes or network resources which may be exhibiting abhorrent behaviors.

MNS is licensed per sensor/per month. So, for example, a single Windows server where MNS is tracking up/down, CPU utilization, and data drive consumption would be consuming three (3) sensors.

How Much Do You Need?

The grid below shows the recommended number of sensors per device. Simply count up what you would like monitored and Envision’s Ground Control team will do the math for you and quote the correct number of sensors, leaving headroom for dynamic diagnostics.

Network Device Type Recommended Sensor Count
Windows Servers 10
Linux Servers 5
Routers (including WAN statistics) 4
Managed Switches (High-level sensors: up/down, cpu, etc.) 4
24 Port Managed Switches (Port Level Statistics) 28
48 Port Managed Switches (Port Level Statistics) 52
IP Phone System Handsets 2
Other Network Attached Devices 5

The Right Tool for the Right Job

Remember, Monitored Network Sensors are not a replacement for Ground Control’s more advanced services such as Managed Endpoint Services (MES), which delivers much greater value on Windows servers and workstations. If you don’t already have managed patching services (including commonly installed Windows applications), anti-virus, asset inventory, trend analysis, and license auditing, then you should be deploying MES, not MNS.

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