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Multi Factor Authentication

With Multi-Factor Authentication, you can be confident in knowing that only the right users have access to your systems. You can bolster your overall security while also making it easier for legitimate users to gain access to the resources they need.

Our Multi Factor Authentication solution includes:

  1. Ease of Deployment - synch with Active Directory to automatically set up and provision users in your network
  2. Flexible - determine what is required for user enrollment
  3. Advanced Authentication Policies - filtering allows you to determine user access based on specific criteria, such as:
    • Organization
    • Department
    • Geographic Location
    • Day of the Week
    • Time of the Day
  4. Enhanced Device Trust - create a faster and easier user experience by “trusting” devices after initial authentication
  5. Broad Support - solutions work with Windows Desktop, Android, iPhone, and the new U2F standard

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