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Security Consulting

Do You Have a Handle on Your Company's Security Obligations?

Security consultingThe legalities of security and how it impacts companies are rapidly evolving.

The cases regarding security that have made it through the courts are often contradictory. One thing has become clear, however, security is more important today than ever before.

PCI Compliance, Service Organization Controls (SOC Reporting), Security Audits and You

Envision’s concern over client exposure has led us to develop rigorous standards and practices to protect clients from attacks. They’ve led us to hire former hackers for security consultations and to create ongoing arrangements with third-party testing companies to verifiy our work on behalf of clients.

We can facilitate PCI compliance, a standard applicable to any company dealing with credit cards, personal information such as social security numbers, or any potentially confidential medical information. These standards apply whether the data collection is done online or offline.

Our technicians have become experts over the years in performing penetration testing on networks and websites. Our team, along with our affiliates at KLR,  can guide you in meeting Service Organization Controls (SOC Reporting) financial auditing standards and requirements.

Our remote management services include setting up and managing your firewalls, and reporting regularly on the attacks they shield you from, any one of which can be disasterous if it gets through.

We can perform security audits on websites and networks and on your physical locations and we can make sure you’re set up to meet the standards that the courts and public will expect of you today and in the future.

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