InFlight Cloud Platform from Envision

Virtual Servers & Desktops

Flexibility, High-performance, and a Local Relationship

Envision's InFlight Cloud PlatformThe InFlight Cloud Platform can be delivered through Envision's secure data centers in Providence, RI and Chicago, IL.

As a SPLA and VSPP provider, you do not need to bring your own licensing to the InFlight cloud. We can provide that licensing for you, which often means substantial savings over buying licensing on your own.

Virtual Servers

InFlight can provide you with high availability, security, ease of deployment, and complete management and monitoring up to the operating system so that you can focus on your business applications. 

Our dedicated team makes transitioning from other cloud providers to InFlight as easy as possible. We can often have you up and running with InFlight in a fraction of the time it would normally take to transition to a new cloud provider.

Flexibility for VDI

InFlight offers 2 flavors when it comes to virtual desktops - Performance and Commodity. If you've stayed away from VDI in the past because you have users with high performance needs, like CAD users or video editing stations, we can architech a solution that will give you all the benefits of virtual desktops with the speed and performance your team requires. High-performance users do not need to stop you from moving to virtual desktops. 

On the flip side of this scenario, if you have shied away from VDI because you think your project is too small, we have solutions that will work for you as well. 

Desktops can be delivered through the InFlight Cloud or On Premise as a Service (OPaaS). With OPaaS, Envision will place our hardware in your network. You get the benefits of an on-prem solution without the hassle of owning (and having to maintain) the equipment.

The InFlight Cloud Platform can also offer Abstracted Applications as a Service.

More Information and InFlight Tours

Contact us if with your questions about the InFlight Cloud Platform or if you would like to take a tour of the InFlight facility in Rhode Island. You can also view additional information on our micro-website dedicated specifically to the InFlight solution.

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