Virtualization assessments from Envision

Virtualization Assessments

A Top to Bottom Look at Your Virtualized Environment 

Virtualization Assessments

We believe that your virtual environment should be more than the sum of its parts. 

Envison takes a holistic approach to examining the health of your virtualized environment. Our assessment looks at:

Best Practices Assessment - We will use a variety of tools to examine how your environment does or does not conform to best practices.

Hardware Assessment - We will compare your hardware environment to other similar deployments to identify where changes in the design could result in higher consolidation ratios, better performance and ultimately a lower total cost of ownership.

Storage / Resource Assessment - Most storage assessments are a view of the capacity, scalability and performance of the storage behind a virtualized environment. What most administrators don’t realize is that often their storage and server resources are overcommitted at the VM level. Wouldn’t it be great to reduce your storage consumption and memory commitments by 10%, 20% or more instead of buying more disk and ram? Our assessments can give you visibility into your over commitments and make that possible.

Management Systems - A “healthy” virtualized environment doesn’t just run well - it’s also easy to manage and measure. We will show you how to manage the investment over time so that you can always get the most value out of your investment.

Practical Answers - A virtualization assessment results in an easy to read report that will show you what you can do to maximize the value of your environment. Our recommendations are concise and will provide the cost justifications that you need to be able to explain the value of our recommendations to your business’s management team. Identify your environment’s strengths, weaknesses, performance enhancement opportunities and scalability with the report we will deliver.

Ongoing Assessment - A virtualization assessment is not a “Health Check”… it is Health Management. Envision can integrate advanced monitoring capabilities into your environment that, over time, will provide us with the ability to measure trends in your environment. When coupled with regular  assessments, you can realize added value by being able to identify limiters (such as your storage consumption rate and VM growth rate) well in advance. In these economic times, it is increasingly important to be able to budget for your environment's changing needs. Envision can greatly simplify that process.

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