AI-Generated Event Recap

At our latest Lights, Cameras, Answers movie event, CEO Todd Knapp captured his presentation using Microsoft Teams Premium's AI-powered Intelligent Meeting Recap. This generated a comprehensive meeting summary, complete with headlines and key talking points in bulleted format. Take a look at the recap in its original, unedited form below.

Todd talked about artificial intelligence and its social implications. He emphasized the importance of engaging in innovation efforts and keeping up with the rapidly changing world. Todd also did some live demos of technology and discussed Microsoft's release of Copilot.

  • Todd started the meeting by introducing himself and his company, Envision Technology Advisors. He then discussed the topic of artificial intelligence and where we are in the landscape of AI.
  • Todd discussed the social implications associated with AI and how it plays into innovation efforts. He also mentioned the rapid changes happening in the world due to technology and humanity, and emphasized the need to engage on the innovation front.
  • Todd discussed the importance of innovation and how AI is just one aspect of it. He mentioned that consumer expectations are shifting and companies need to adapt to avoid becoming obsolete. He also talked about Microsoft's release of Copilot and how it's changing the industry.

Todd talked about various topics related to AI in the meeting. He discussed the recent incident where Microsoft used AI to generate a poll for an article from The Guardian, which led to the Guardian losing subscribers and suing Microsoft.

  • Todd discussed various topics related to AI in the meeting. He talked about a poll generated by AI on MSN that caused reputational damage to The Guardian, which is now suing Microsoft for lost revenue.
  • Todd discussed the capabilities of GPT and GPT 4 plus. He explained that conversational markers are stored in memory in the AI in what's called a context window.
  • Todd discussed the different types of AI, starting with limited memory AI, which can interpret conversation and understand the overarching meaning of the discussion.
  • Todd discussed the prevalence of AI and how it is being used in various industries. He advised against investing in AI and instead suggested investing in innovation, operational efficiency, digital culture, engagement, and security.
  • Todd suggested using chat GPT or Bing Enterprise AI to provide generative AI for content generation that will not become part of the long term training of the model

Todd talked about various AI-enabled tools and technologies that can improve productivity and efficiency in organizations. He discussed Microsoft Loop, a collaborative tool that allows real-time authoring and embedding in Teams messages, channels, and emails. He also talked about containerized security and AI-enabled correlative analytics.

  • Todd discussed various tools and technologies that can improve collaboration, security, and productivity in the workplace. He mentioned Microsoft Loop, a collaborative real-time authoring tool with AI capabilities that can be embedded in Teams messages, channels, and emails.
  • Todd discussed the potential of AI assistants in large organizations, including the development of ethical scoring models for employees based on AI analysis of their calendars, emails, and chat threads.
  • Todd discussed the benefits of Copilot, emphasizing the productivity gains it can provide to companies.
  • Todd discussed the Power Platform Con and how Copilot for Microsoft Office can help attendees manage multiple meetings.
  • Todd presented a solution that went from concept to implementation in 11 days. The solution involves using Azure com services to send messages to the front desk, SMS to respond to patients, and email to communicate with the nursing department.

Todd talked about 3 different AI-enabled bots that he has created. The first bot was used to register for an event and was able to fill in data fields on a website. The second bot was designed to remind attendees about the event with a text message.

  • Todd demonstrated how the possibility bot can register users without API access to a third-party platform. The bot uses automation to instantiate a robotic process automation and opens up the website to scan for data fields.
  • Todd sent a reminder to attendees about the Envisions Lights, Cameras, Answers event on November 10th at Showcase Cinemas at Gillette Stadium. He expressed his excitement for their participation and asked them to mark their calendars.
  • Todd shared his experience of creating a bot named Botsy, which he connected to Microsoft Teams. He selectively gave the bot knowledge bases and identified websites that he wanted the bot to learn from.
  • Todd attended an AI conference and proposed creating an engagement tool for their people and a virtual HR assistant. He demonstrated how the bot works and how it breaks when it doesn't understand the user's intent.
  • Todd discussed the capabilities of AI and how it can be controlled with guardrails.

Todd talked about the importance of data classification and security in Microsoft tenant to take advantage of AI. He also discussed the significance of soft skills in the science of prompting and how AI is designed to emulate human interaction. Todd emphasized the need for socially adept IT people who can use proper English to influence people.

  • Todd emphasized the importance of data classification and security in Microsoft tenant to take advantage of AI. He warned that companies that skip this step and deploy AI technologies without proper data classification will face data leakage events in the next 18 to 24 months.
  • Todd discussed the importance of soft skills in AI and how the use of proper English is crucial for successful interaction with AI.
  • Todd discussed the shift in the value of skills in a world where all knowledge is available in AI. He gave an example of a friend who was accused of plagiarism for using AI to develop a report.
  • Todd discussed the issues with AI-generated reports and suggested that the problem is not with AI but with how we think about what's valuable. He also offered to run an innovation workshop to help find the lowest level of effort that leads to the highest value.
  • Todd informed the attendees that they can preregister for something on their website.

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PowerPoint Presentation

During the presentation, Todd demonstrated various ways your organization can leverage AI. Another instance of AI in operation is evident in the visual elements showcased throughout the PowerPoint presentation. A significant portion of the visuals were generated using MidJourney. Click the button below to view the PowerPoint in its entirety.