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After COVID-19: Distributed Workforce and the New Normal

Event Description

After COVID-19: Distributed Workforce and the New Normal event

Proactive vs. Reactive - For most of us those words have very specific connotations; most of the time we'd all prefer to be seen as proactive.

Unfortunately, the recent COVID scare has forced many business, and the economy, into a reactive space. As our businesses approach week 3 of this event, and settle into this new paradigm of a distributed workforce, it's time to take a step back from the reactive and spend an hour thinking strategically about what this means for us all in the future.

There are questions we should be asking which may change the way we think about business and technology planning:

  • Will the makeup of your workforce (Distributed vs. Centralized) be permanently changed as a result of this event?
  • How does this event effect your Cyber-risk footprint?
  • How will HR drive technology as a result of this event?
  • What technologies should you be more invested in to prepare for our new future?
  • How do you manage these changes while still tackling the larger strategic objectives that were your focus just a few weeks ago?

While no one yet knows exactly how long this pandemic event will last, what is certain is that it will change the way we work forever. It's time to return to a proactive stance. In this webinar, Envision Technology Advisors' Founder & CEO, Todd Knapp, will outline his thoughts on the long-term impact of this event. He will also detail some of the steps companies should be taking to not only ensure their team can communicate and collaborate effectively during the current pandemic event, but to also prepare their organizations for the challenges that will come after COVID-19.

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