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Lights, Cameras, Answers - Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi

Event Description

Lights, Cameras, Answers - Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi event

Envision's "Lights, Cameras, Answers" events combine short, focused technology presentations with a private, opening day showing of a blockbuster movie.

This year's technology presentation is:

No Room for Heroes: A Team-Based Approach to Cybersecurity

There is strength in numbers. A lone Jedi can’t defend the entire galaxy, nor can you be the sole resource on the battlefront of a modern cybersecurity war. Your personal data is at risk, your company’s future is at risk, and your reputation as an IT professional is at risk. Whatever you are doing today, you have to do more.

This session will take an unbiased look at what you need to do to reinforce your position and prevent the enemy from gaining ground. We’ll discuss how to enlist and train your coworkers to improve their cybersecurity posture so they can win the battles they encounter daily. Additionally, we’ll hear from industry experts in emerging tools that leverage machine-learning and big-data to strengthen the border of even the smallest networks. Finally, we’ll hear from a long-standing solution provider about how they perceive the future of cybersecurity and what they are doing to prepare for it.

Following this 1-hr presentation, we will all be treated to an opening day showing of "Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi"

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