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Lights, Cameras Answers - Avengers: Infinity War

Event Description

Lights, Cameras Answers - Avengers: Infinity War event

Envision's "Lights, Cameras, Answers" events combine short, focused technology presentations with a private, opening day showing of a blockbuster movie.

The technology topic for this event is "Managed Services Spotlight". 

The landscape is changing in undeniable ways. Whether you are talking about cyber threats, IT platforms, human resources, communications, culture, or business opportunity, the realities of a rapidly changing world are ever-present. So, how are the services you depend on evolving to meet new needs? What should you expect from Managed Services in the future?

This event will begin with brief, focused presentations from Sophos and Absolute Software; two companies that work in tandem leveraging innovation to protect your users and enhance security transparency. From there, we will zoom out to a discussion about the fundamental structure of Managed Services, what you should expect from your provider, and what our experts see as the future of the industry.

As always, our event will wrap with a popcorn and a private screening of Marvel's latest film: "Avengers: Infinity War."

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