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OSHEANCon19 event

OSHEANCon19: Celebrating 20 Years of Connections That Pioneer Progress. This event will be a celebration os Oshean's 20 years of progress and it will include keynotes and breakout sessions from a variety of engaging speakers, including a pair of presenters from Envision. 

Join the Envision team at this event for "Transforming Communication & Collaboration Through O365 and Microsoft Teams".  

Communication and collaboration have long been at the core of every organization’s success, but things are changing dramatically across all companies and industries as a new generation of professionals join the team. This new generation works and communicates very differently than those that have come before them. The organizations poised to thrive in this era of Digital Transformation are the ones who understand and embrace the powerful technologies available to us today and who are ready to differentiate and grow their company by reexamining all aspects of their business.

In this engaging and informative session, Envision Technology Advisors’ CTO/CDxO, Jeff Wilhelm, and Director of Marketing and Communications, Jeremy Girard, will present a real world look at how a Digital Transformation initiative powered by Microsoft Teams revolutionized the way the company’s employees engage and work with each other. This is not an “imagine if we could do this” presentation. This is a detailed looked at actual changes one company made to embrace the powerful tools available to us today and how these changes have impacted the company, their employees, and the many clients whom Envision serves. Along the way, Jeff and  Jeremy will also offer ideas and suggestions on how other companies could follow a similar path to begin or accelerate their Digital Transformation journey.

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