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Envision and CharterCARE Health Partners Launch New Family of Websites

Envision Technology Advisors and CharterCARE Health Partners have just announced the launch of 5 new websites, including new online homes for Fatima Hospital and Roger Williams Medical Center.

CharterCARE family of websites

“This was a wonderful project because it allowed us to do more than simply redesign one website,” explains Jeremy Girard, Envision’s Director of Marketing and head the of the company’s website design services. “We were able to consider the family of sites as a whole and create a system that would allow those sites to share important traits and features, while also maintaining the unique identity and needs of each individual hospital or organization.”

In addition to giving CharterCARE’s websites a consistent visual identity, this large project ensured that all the sites were built to be multi-device friendly with a responsive web design approach. Patients visiting the sites will have easy access to the information they need on any device they may be using at that time, from desktops to tablets to smartphones and beyond. Additional features on the websites include the ability to search for physicians by name, specialty, or location. Latest news and upcoming events are also available and the Fatima website allows patients to see the current wait time at the Emergency Room.

“Envision and CharterCARE have worked together successfully for many years,” said Otis Brown, Vice President, Marketing & External Affairs for CharterCARE Health Partners. “These new sites are an exciting collaboration that will greatly benefit our patients and the rest of our community.”

These newly launched sites for Fatima and Roger Williams, as well as Southern New England Rehabilitation Center and CharterCARE’s main site, are just the first releases from this large project. Other sites in the CharterCARE family are in development now and will be released over the coming months. You can visit www.chartercare.org for links to all these new websites.

Published on: 05.07.15

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