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Envision Hires Lisa Gionet to Lead E-Rate Practice for K-12 Schools

Lisa GionetEnvision Technology Advisors has announced the hiring of Lisa Gionet to lead the company’s burgeoning E-Rate practice

Commonly referred to as “E-Rate”, the Universal Service Schools and Libraries Program provides discounts to schools and libraries to help obtain affordable Internet access and telecommunications, including Cloud Services.

“We are very excited to have Lisa as part of our team,” says Envision’s CEO, Todd Knapp. “Given our continued success in the education space, expanding our E-Rate practice was a logical step for Envision. Lisa is the perfect person to lead this initiative in our company.”

Lisa comes to Envision with 16 years of experience with E-Rate consulting, having helped many schools make the most of this important program.

“Envision has always been committed to the K-12 market,” says Lisa. “Most schools already leverage E-Rate, but it can be a difficult and confusing process. I have been brought on board to do what Envision does best, simplify the process and ensure that schools have a dedicated resource to turn to for transacting E-Rate.”

Envision can:

  • Provide answers to all the E-Rate questions that K-12 schools may have
  • Help schools file select E-Rate forms
  • Help with PIA reviews
  • Provide assistance if any appeals need to be made

“If you have any E-Rate questions, Envision is the team to call,” says Lisa. “The truth is that E-Rate is good for New England’s students. It’s a resource that can help ensure that that our kids have access to the best technology possible. Envision has made this investment in the E-Rate space because we’re committed to making our communities a better place. One way to do that is to ensure that schools have someone they can turn to who can help them maximize the program and receive key discounts on E-Rate eligible technologies.”

You can learn more about Envision’s E-rate practice at www.envisionsuccess.net/e-rate.

Published on: 07.29.16

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