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Envision Technology Advisors’ Andy Robinson Named Board Member of Stanton-Davis Homestead Museum

Stanton-Davis Homestead Museum

Envision Technology Advisors extends their congratulations to Andy Robinson, Ground Control Managed Services Leader. Andy was recently named to the board of the Stanton-Davis Homestead Museum, a public museum and living educational center dedicated to the memory of Thomas Stanton, Mohegans, Pequots and African Americans associated with the history of the homestead - all of whom were instrumental in the founding of Connecticut. 

Andy is a descendant of the founding fathers and the founders of the Stanton-Davis Homestead of Stonington, CT, a fact he uncovered in through an in-depth genealogy search. He joined the board to not only connect with relatives unbeknownst to him, but to also offer up his unique skill set and technical background. His aid to the museum will be two-fold. First, he will be using his background in construction to help restore the museum - a 17th century farmhouse that has seen 14 generations and is home to an array of historical artifacts, architecture, and carvings.

Secondly, he will be lending his technical background to help the museum improve upon and grow its online presence. Andy will be helping to build a new website, various fundraising sites, and social media pages. He will also be leveraging his cybersecurity expertise to strengthen various email server security protocols. 

“I’m honored to have been asked to join the board,” Andy remarked. “History should not be forgotten, and I feel like its my responsibility to be able to pass down knowledge to my children and future generations. I’m excited to start working on both the construction and technical projects to help further the mission of the society.”

To learn more about the Stanton-Davis Homestead Museum and its unique history, visit www.facebook.com/TheStantonDavisHomesteadMuseum/.

Published on: 01.02.20

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