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Envision Technology Advisors Returns with Popular Event Series and an Inspiring Digital Transformation Discussion

Title of event discussion - The REAL Impact of Digital Transformation Live - between two light sabers

Envision Technology Advisors has recently announced the return of the company’s popular event series “Lights, Cameras, Answers.” Since launching the series four years ago, the events have found huge success with technology professionals in the local Rhode Island and Massachusetts area. Drawing upwards of 100 attendees for each of these events, the series combines a brief, focused technology presentation with a private, opening-day showing of a major blockbuster movie, typically Marvel or Star Wars-related.

This year’s topic for the technology presentation will be: “The Real Impact of Digital Transformation – Live.” The session will demonstrate the value and efficiencies that IT and Digital Transformation can bring to organizations of all sizes and structures.

“As IT professionals, I think we have the ability and the obligation to do what we can to make the world around us better,” remarked Todd Knapp, Envision’s Founder and CEO. “Yes, we can show how Digital Transformation can help a company become more efficient and profitable, but that is just the beginning of the impact this approach can have. We’ve worked with organizations that have leveraged Digital Transformation to revolutionize education delivery, alleviate homelessness issues, and save lives in the world’s most remote communities. We want to show why IT is not just a cost center for a business, but rather an investment that can help create a better quality of life for everyone that the company touches.”

Envision’s CTO/CDxO, Jeff Wilhelm, also commented on the upcoming event: “Digital Transformation is a broad subject area, and it can be intimidating to clients who are just getting started on their journey. However, we’re going to demonstrate in this session – with real stories and actions – just how impactful Digital Transformation can be when it comes to crafting stronger and more innovative businesses.”

During the event’s focused presentation, attendees will hear from and about organizations who have partnered with Envision to use Digital Transformation in unique and powerful ways. The session will also highlight the value and impact of Microsoft’s Power Platform – Power BI, Power Automate, and PowerAppsAs. As in past “Lights, Cameras, Answers” events, after the presentation Envision will treat attendees to refreshments and a private showing of Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker.

You can learn more about Envision’s event series and register for their Digital Transformation and Star Wars event at www.envisionsuccess.net/starwars.

Published on: 11.27.19

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