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Jeff Wilhelm and Sean Trifero of Envision Technology Advisors Named vExperts for 2015

Jeff Wilhelm

Envision Technology Advisors, a leader in cloud and managed services, virtualization solutions, and business-focused technology consulting, is excited to announce that Jeff Wilhelm, the company's Chief Technology Officer, and Sean Trifero, Director of Engineering, have been named 2015 vExperts by VMware.

According to VMware’s website, the VMware vExpert Program was created to "bring together the people who have made some of the most important contributions to the VMware community. They have contributed to the success of us all by sharing their knowledge and expertise over their days, nights, and weekends."

These vExpert announcements are further evidence of Envision's focus on innovation and commitment to being thought leaders in their industry through educational events, articles, and other opportunities to share their expertise.

"At Envision we spend a lot of time trying to stay at the forefront of technology," says Jeff. "To be recognized as a community thought leader in this space is an honor."

Sean Trifero

"Innovation has always been an important focus for us, especially over the past few years," adds Sean. "An award like this means a lot because it recognizes not only our technical achievements, but also our willingness to share that knowledge and help further the community as a whole."

As vExperts, Jeff and Sean will now have access to private betas, early access briefings, and other opportunities to interact with VMware product teams.

You can see the full list of 2015 vExperts at VMware's website.

Published on: 02.05.15

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