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Jeff Wilhelm of Envision Technology Advisors Receives TECH10 Award

Jeff Wilhelm Tech10 award

Pawtucket, Rhode Island-based Envision Technology Advisors is proud to announce that Jeff Wilhelm, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, has been awarded a 2014 TECH10 award by the Tech Collective, Rhode Island’s industry association for information technology and bioscience.

The TECH10 awards honor “the best and brightest leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs” among Rhode Island’s 13,500 IT professionals.

“Jeff has a real passion for technology,” says Annette Niemczyk, a Senior Engineer at Envision. “He is always willing to discuss a solution with his colleagues or customers and he has the ability to evaluate those solutions from both a technical standpoint as well as from the perspective of a businesses’ needs.”

Jeff Wilhelm joined Envision Technology Advisors in 2010 as the Director of Engineering. He was promoted to the role of CTO in January of 2013. Prior to coming to Envision, Jeff spent over 10 years developing large scale enterprise data management platforms for a mix of consumer marketing services, data analytics, healthcare, corporate, and non-profit organizations.

“Jeff has become an indispensable asset for me and for Envision,” remarks Envision’s CTO, Todd Knapp. “Over the last few years, he has provided collaboration and advice as we’ve worked to continually evolve Envision’s offerings and take on new technologies for our customer base. He’s a role model for our engineering team and his opinion is critically important to our customers when they are making a decision about the future of their IT.”

“I am honored to have been recognized by Tech Collective as a Tech10 award winner for 2014,” says Jeff. “Tech Collective, like Envision, has always understood that technology is about people, not just hardware or software, and to be recognized for my contribution in that realm is very rewarding.”

You can read more about the Tech Collective’s TECH10 awards at

Published on: 10.22.14

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