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Jeremy Girard Named “Web Design & HTML Expert” for

Jeremy Girard at

Envison Technology Advisors' Director of Marketing and Head of Web Services has been named the "Web Design & HTML Expert" by the popular website,

One of the most highly visited sites on the Web, publishes informative and comprehensive articles and videos on a variety of topics. As of this month, the "web design" segment of, which can be found at, will be fully managed by Jeremy and will feature regularly published articles on a variety of web topics, including responsive web design, web typography, SEO, web process, career development, and much more.

"I am incredibly excited to have been given this opportunity to share my web design experience with's audience," remarked Jeremy. "Envision has always focused on educating others, and this is a perfect extension of that approach for me."

Jermey has been designing for the Web since the late 1990's. In addition to his role at Envision and his new writing assignments for, Jeremy teaches website design at the University of Rhode Island's Providence campus. Last year, he also recorded a series of instuctional web design videos for Peachpit Press.

Published on: 05.09.15

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