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Envision Announces Acquisition of Crown Web (formerly Embolden)

Envision Technology Advisors has announced the acquisition of Crown Web (formerly Embolden) from Crown Philanthropic Solutions.

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Founded by Ann-Marie Harrington in 1998, Embolden has won numerous awards for their digital communications strategy, website design, and software development services. Embolden provides services to success-driven companies both locally and nationally with a specialty in nonprofit organizations and community foundations. Embolden was acquired in 2014 by Crown Philanthropic Solutions LLC.

This acquisition significantly increases Envision’s existing website design and online communications services through their newly created Digital Innovation & Design division. This division will be led by former Embolden employee Megan Knobbe with Nick Merrill serving as the company’s Creative Director.

“Our customers need more than a traditional web services company can offer,” says Megan. “Joining with Envision ensures that whether our clients are looking for incremental or transformational change, we’ll be there to provide the best possible experience.”

For existing Embolden clients, this acquisition means that they will now be supported by a full-service cloud and IT solutions provider. Envision’s customers can look forward to an unprecedented level of analytics, strategy, and services focused on enhancing their digital presence.

“Culturally and philosophically, I can’t imagine a better fit between two companies,” says Envision’s Founder and CEO, Todd Knapp. “Envision has always been passionate about client service and successful outcomes. Our new Digital Innovation team has that same commitment. The future for our company, and our shared client base, is one of innovation and access to emerging technology. This acquisition is critical step to securing that future.”

The Crown Web/Embolden team will join Envision at their main office in Pawtucket’s Hope Artiste Village. The company’s popcorn machine and ping-pong table were also acquired as part of this deal and will be taking the titles of “Director of Vending and Entertainment” respectively.

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