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Envision Launches New Site for MG Commercial

The Digital Innovation and Design (DID) team at Envision Technology Advisors is excited to announce a new website launch for one of their esteemed clients, MG Commercial. As an independent, full-service real estate firm, MG Commercial provides premier broker connections to the Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts commercial real estate market. The DID team completed a comprehensive assessment of their web assets, identifying key issues and implementing solutions to improve both the user interface and the overall user experience the MG Commercial website offers its visitors.

MG Commercial website

The major upgrade to the new site involved a switch to a new content management system (CMS) platform – Craft CMS. Powerful, flexible, and easy to learn and use, Craft powers a variety of Fortune 50 companies, including Netflix, Salesforce, and PBS. Craft possesses an array of built-in core features that allow users to build beautiful, robust sites that both attract and engage visitors. Some of the more impressive features of the CMS include an advanced tagging system, built-in image resizing and rich text editing applications, and live previews of webpages as you work on your content.

Since upgrading to this new CMS, MG Commercial has seen a significant, positive change to their web page analytics. When comparing metrics for the same three-month period between 2018 and 2019, the website made noteworthy gains in every monitored area. Some of the more impressive metrics that stand out include the site’s 35.19% increase in pageviews, 23.82% increase in average session duration (total duration of all sessions in seconds / number of sessions), and 9.44% reduction in bounce rate. As Envision’s Creative Director, Nick Merrill, explained:

“We implemented a lot of new and exciting features during this redesign – including bolder visuals, animations, and copywriting that now more directly speaks to their key audiences. Often change can be scary, but to MG Commercial’s credit, their team kept an open mind. It gave our creative team the opportunity to experiment with modern design and development approaches that, in the end, proved to have a significant impact on their improved analytics and web presence.”

The new and advanced features of Craft provide the team at MG Commercial with a more seamless, straightforward approach to managing their content. Gina Mallilo Bank, Director of Sales and Marketing at MG Commercial, commented on how these new features positively impact her team:

“The new upgrade has provided a more hands on, direct and more efficient experience for in-house website editing. Our advertising changes frequently to keep up with the demand of our clients, and we try to reflect their needs in the way we market their properties. This requires daily updates of website and listing content, and having the ability to control this without involving a third party ensures a more immediate response time and more accurate information on our inventory.”

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