Company history of Envision Technology Advisors


The Envision Story

Envision was started in October of 1998 by Todd Knapp.

Working out of a basement on Hope Street in Providence (with an "office" that sat beside a hot water heater), Todd quickly discovered that there was a demand for technology consulting services. He also realized that to meet that demand, he needed some help. Enter Brent Ouellette - Envision’s first hire and an integral part of the success that Envision has enjoyed.

Together, Brent and Todd began offering technology services, including Y2K preparation (remember that?), to a variety of businesses in and around Rhode Island.

  • Envision Technology Advisor's first office
  • Todd Knapp in Envision's first office
  • Envison's second office space
  • Brent in Envision's early days

Once the Y2K hysteria was behind them, Todd and Brent began to build on the technology services they offered and the company began to grow, adding new services and people along the way. In 2001, Envision's growth drove the company to trade their first office for a location on North Main Street in Providence with more room to house the expanding team.

Leaders in Virtualization

Envision Technology Advisors were early pioneers in virtualization. The company was Rhode Island's very first certified VMware partner and one of the first in all of New England. By 2007, the team at Envision had made virtualization core to their business. In fact, the company has not deployed a physical server since.

At a time when virtualization was still a new technology to many organizations, Envision became a recognized leader in virtualization services. As experts in this important technology, Todd and Envision began to get called in to consult and speak on virtualization. This showed the company the need for educated discussions on this topic and it eventually led to the creation of the company's popular "VMworld by Proxy" event.

Focused on Education

Envision held the first VMworld by Proxy in 2008. This event was a way to bring valuable information back from that aforementioned VMworld conference, as well as other technology events, to the company's clients and prospects and to present that content in a sales-free/educational format.

In just a few short years, VMworld by Proxy grew from a half-day presentation with only a handful of Envison clients to a full day conference attended by hundreds of the largest companies throughout New England. This success made Envision's event one of the most successful VMworld recaps offered anywhere and it cemented the company's standing as innovative thought leaders in technology services.

  • Jeremy Girard speaking at VMworld by Proxy in 2011
  • Save the Date announcement for VMworld by Proxy 2012
  • The crowd at VMworld by Proxy 2012
  • Todd Knapp speaking at Dell World 2014

While the final event under the "VMworld by Proxy" name was held in 2012, Envision has continued to focus on education and outreach. Recent Envision events include the company's popular "Lights, Cameras, Solutions" series, which pairs in-demand technology topics with blockbuster movies. Envision's people are also featured speakers at a variety of events and conferences all over the country on topics ranging from cybersecurity, to the Internet of Things, to website design and digital marketing, and more.

Outside of live events, the people of Envision can also be found sharing their expertise and experience through printed and online publications like TechTarget, DotDash, the Rhode Island Small Business Journal, and more.

A Best Place to Work

As a consistently growing company, Envision's employee count has continued to climb over the years as new engineers, web developers, business development professionals, and our Ground Control division of managed services experts have joined the team. Through all this growth, Envision had maintained a commitment to excellence in both customer service and employee satisfaction. That commitment was recognized in 2009 when Envision was named a "Best Place to Work." The company has gone on to receive this award every year since.

New Offices

By the middle of 2012, Envision's sustained growth would once again necessitate an office move. With the company now at 30 full-time employees, Envision relocated just outside Providence, to the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. This innovative space, which is built in a historic mill complex, more than tripled the size of the company's office - but there was still more growth on the horizon.

Just about 1 year after moving into that new Pawtucket office, Envision opened a second office, this time in the Greater Boston area. Envision's second office can be found in Waltham, Massachusetts in the Watermill Center. 

Envison's most recent expansion plans have seen the company taking on nearly 2000 additional square feet of space in the Hope Artiste Village. 1700 sqaure feet of this new space houses the company's "Concierge Configuration Center", where customers are able to have bulk purchases of laptops, workstations, thin clients, and other assets configured, tagged, imaged and more. The remaining space is for Envision's Training Center, a key component in the company's new slate of Training Solutions.

Digital Innovation & Design

Envision has offered website design and development services since 2001, but that solution area took a giant leap forward in September of 2016 when Envision aquired the team from Embolden. This aquisition, and the 11 new team members it brought to Envision, greatly increased the company's existing web services offerings and led to the creation of their Digitial Innovation & Design division.

Envision 20th Anniversary Logo

Celebrating 20 Years in Business

In 2018, Envision celebrated the company's 20th Anniversary, a notable milestone for any organization. From the early days as a 2-person team offering Network Consulting out of a basement office to a 50+ person team offering an incredible range of business and technology solutions, Envision's success has been fueled by a simple recipe - by hiring the best people we can find and delivering the best technologies in ways that are simple, effective, and human. Here's to the next 20 years of Envision!

Leading the Way with Digital Transformation

Much like they did in the early days of Virtualization, when Envision became known as early adopters and experts in that game-changing technology, as 2019 began Envision once again staked their claim as champions of innovation through the company's focus on Digital Transformation services. A logical progression of the world-class IT consulting services that the company has offered since its inception, Envision's Digital Transformation practice has already made a notable impact for numerous clients, helping them create stronger businesses and forge better lives for their employees and their customers. 

Over two decades after that Hope Street basement, Envision remains excited for the future and commited to finding new ways to help people realize their personal and business goals through technology and innovation.

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