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Curtis Sellon

Curtis Sellon

My role at Envision is:

Strategic Account Consultant

I have been at Envision since:


Hobbies, activities, or interests:

I'm always active. In the summer I race on a 31' sailboat as a foredeck man handling everything forward of the mast. Quick agility and light weight and you'll find me hanging halfway off the boat. In the winter, I'm working on getting more than a few days on the slopes (nothing like when I use to teach snowboarding). Any time in-between you can find me working on my off-road truck, backpacking or on the sporting clay course.

Interesting story or fact about me:

I love to learn a new trait or skill and I've never been afraid to try new things. I've taught myself such things like front-end web development, design, and some lite coding to fabrication, welding, plumbing and most marine and automotive mechanics. With YouTube University I've really become a jack of all trades.

Professional summary:

Throughout my professional career I’ve found I enjoy looking at a challenges from multiple facets and angles, like a puzzle I love to solve them. Being apart of hardware companies, SAAS based solutions and digital marketing and identity services I’ve had the opportunity to partner with many kinds of industry clients.

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