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Kyle Sutherland

Kyle Sutherland

My role at Envision is:

Director of Engineering

I have been at Envision since:

September 2013

Hobbies, activities, or interests:

I’m incredibly competitive and participate in any kind of gaming (video, tabletop, athletic or otherwise). Climbing, diving, snowboarding, and other “extreme” sports are used to push my personal limits. I incorporate various tabletop RPGs to flex my creative muscles.

Interesting story or fact about me:

I lived in Germany for a year during college and used the opportunity to see a great deal of Europe and Egypt where a picture may have been taken of me a little too close to one of the great pyramids.

Professional summary:

I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with degrees in Computer Engineering, German, and Applied Mathematics.  Prior to joining Envision, I worked at an engineering firm as an internal IT Director. Seeing an opportunity to expand my knowledge and skillset, I joined Envision as an Engineer, rose to Senior Engineer, and am now Director of Engineering.

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