High Performance vs. Commodity VDI - a presentation available from Envision Technology Advisors

High Performance vs. Commodity VDI

About This Presentation

Virtual desktops can play an important role in any organization’s IT, but what VDI approach is right for your company?

This presentation, which can be presented as a webinar or an in-person presentation, looks at the differences between high-performance and commodity VDI. We will also address how persona management impacts users adoption of VDI, considerations for deploying Desktop as a Service, and the future of vEUC (Virtual End User Compute).

This presentation can be tailored to your specific needs. Some of the possible topics are:

  • Optimization of your existing VDI system
  • Deployment of performance VDI
  • Upgrading to pod-based VDI
  • Leveraging DaaS / Flex to cloud
  • Improving user experience / persona management

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