How IoT’s Data Economy Impacts Your Business IT Strategy - a presentation available from Envision Technology Advisors

How IoT’s Data Economy Impacts Your Business IT Strategy

About This Presentation

The Internet of Things is a buzzword that’s on everyone’s lips. However, very few people can clearly define what IoT really is or what effect it may have on conventional IT planning and infrastructure.

In this presentation, which can be delivered as a webinar or an in-person presentation, we’ll discuss the ripple effect that IoT is already having on the products available to your business and the expectations your management team and end-users have of the IT organization.

Envision’s leadership team has been traveling the country attending technology and IoT futures conferences and is on the forefront of this technology. Company CEO, Todd Knapp, will explain what this all means in the straightforward, accessible way that Envision events have become known for. Points covered will include:

  • A defination of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Understanding the IoT "effect"
  • Examples of "data economy" products
  • Understanding how we learn from and harness the data economy

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