Simplify Your Endpoint Rollout Process - a presentation available from Envision Technology Advisors

Simplify Your Endpoint Rollout Process

About This Presentation

Regardless of whether you use cloud desktops, on-site virtual desktops, or conventional PCs and laptops, there is always a device at the desk that needs to be periodically refreshed.

Ingestion of hardware, storage, tracking, imaging, replacement, and disposal of old equipment can make this a logistical headache. What’s more, programs that provide equipment to people in the field (for example - student laptop programs) add an entirely new set of challenges that must be overcome. In this session, which can be presented as a webinar or an in-person presentation, we will focus on the National Elevator Industry Educational Program’s (NEIEP) endeavor to select, image, and ship 5,600 laptop/tablet convertible devices to students nationwide. Topics covered will include: 

  • Equipment selection concerns
  • Logistical management
  • Audit requirements
  • Post deployment support.

Finally, we will wrap up with a discussion of methodologies for extrapolating what NEIEP learned to on-premises large-scale rollouts.

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