How to Go From Zero to Business Continuity in 1 Month - a presentation available from Envision Technology Advisors

How to Go From Zero to Business Continuity in 1 Month

About This Presentation

Far too often, business continuity strategies fall apart in the planning stages, before ever being implemented.

If your BC/DR strategy is taking 3, or 4, or 5 months and longer to get mobilized, the chances of it failing apart are high. Your business cannot afford to be without a BC strategy! From weather events, to cyberattacks, to simple human error - when your business experiences an interuption that results in downtime, the impact on your bottom line can be disasterous. 

In this session, which can be presented as a webinar or an in-person presentation, Envision Technology Advisors’ CTO, Todd Knapp, will discuss a process that can bring an organization from having no business continuity strategy to a plan ready to mobilize in just about a month.  Along the way, Todd will also detail some specific pieces that all BC/DR plans must include in order to succeed, as well as things that companies who already have business continuity plans should be looking for in order to make sure they really are prepared for a disaster.

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