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Another Envision Halloween

Last year was Envision's first Halloween in our new office space in Pawtucket, RI - and to celebrate, some members of the team decided to dress up for the occasion.

Another October 31st is upon us. Envision has grown substantially since this time last year - and so has our Halloween celebration. 

In the photo below, from left to right, we have Dennis Wilson as the Brawny Man, Matt Sheehan as Joel from "The Last of Us", Ed Hobin as a ghost, Ross Peasley as a horse, Annette Niemczyk as Gleason, Jeff Wilhelm as a superhero, Curtis Ruckle as Slash, Britte Jessen-Balint as the Evil Queen, Danielle Hlavacek as Dorothy, Allison Albert as a Pirate, Sarah O'Donnell as Princess Bubblegum, Josh Lima as the Red Lantern, Brent Ouellette as a Red Sox fan, Vin DiPippo as a Chef, Philip Terrien as a Pirate, Jeremy Girard as a Dia De Los Muertos skull, and Josh Defreitas as a CDC Zombie.

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