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April Fools Day at Envision

We love April Fools Day at Envision. What better way to build team spirit than to have a good (but harmless and well intentioned) laugh at a co-workers expense! For April Fools 2010, we decided to play a little prank on the newest member of the Envision team, Matt Greenbaum, and welcome him to the company - Envision style!

We started by telling Matt that a client of ours had a laptop that had crashed. We explained that a very important file was on that computer, one that our client needed desperately to close a deal, and we had to get the laptop and try to retrieve the file. We then sent him upstairs to our partner company, KLR, explaining that they had met with our client the previous evening and had the laptop for us.

Matt walked upstairs, only to be told that KLR did not have the laptop - it was still with our other client. Yes, we got our clients involved in the prank as well. They were happy to help.

Determined to save the day and get the laptop, Matt took off for the client's place of business - only to be told it wasn't there, that it was at another office. 

While Matt drove all across Rhode Island chasing this mystery laptop, the rest of the staff at Envision kept each other updated by tracking his movement on Facebook and Twitter. Word began to spread about our little joke and our clients even joined in on the fun, tracking poor Matt's journey by using the power of social media.

Matt eventually got the laptop and returned to the office. We frantically told him to open the box, since he had taken all day to get the computer. Inside the box Matt found a selection of pudding cups and a little sign saying "April Fools!" It was signed "from your friends at Envision."

Before you feel too badly for Matt, look at his smiling face below. He was a great sport about the whole thing - and he got to keep the pudding. Welcome to Envision, Greenbaum!

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