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Creating Our Holiday Card

Anyone who knows Envision knows that we take our holiday cards seriously. We take great joy in hearing from the clients and prospects who enjoy the card, and our quirky brand of holiday humor, each year. 

For last year's card, we decided to make a "snowman" out of meat - a meatman. A few packages of ground beef later, Sweaty the Meatman was born.

We received so much positive feedback on the "Creation of Sweaty" video from the making of last year's card, that for 2013, we decided to go all out with the video production. Instead of sending actual printed cards, this year we sent our list e-cards with a link to view our seasonal video - "Holiday Safety: Everybody's Responsibility".

As you would expect, the making of this video was a fun time. We shot the various scenes for the video in our Pawtucket office one night after work, while editing, effects, and voiceover work were all added later. Below are some photos from the video shoot. 

If you haven't done so already, be sure to watch our 2013 holiday video - because a happy holiday is a safe holiday.

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