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Envision the Holidays

It's the holiday season at Envision - a time to close out the year right with Envision's holiday party and our annual holiday card!

For this year's holiday party, the staff of Envision gathered together at our new office to enjoy lunch together and engage in our first annual "Non-Denominational Secret Gift Exchange Extravaganza!" Much fun was had, delicious food was consumed, and plenty of gifts were exchanged.

Our Holiday Card

The holiday season also marks that time of year when we send out our annual holiday card. You see, we take our holiday cards seriously at Envision. We begin planning the card, which we custom design each year, well in advance as we look to top the previous year's greeting. It's that level of dedication to bringing our own brand of quirky holiday cheer to our clients that gets us so many compliments each year!

For this year's card, we knew we had hit holiday gold when someone suggested, "How about we build a snowman out of meat. A meatman." The rest is history - and you can see it all at the micro-site we designed to accompany this year's holiday card!

Sweaty the Meatman

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