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Envision’s Bacon Number is 2

Google recently revealed a new, hidden feature in their search engine - the ability to search for a celebrity's "bacon number."

For anyone who may be unaware of this game, it is known as Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, based on the "six degrees of seperation" concept. Basically, you can connect anyone in Hollywood to Kevin Bacon by movies they appeared in together in six steps or less. To help prove this point, Google's new feature allows you to use this search criteria by typing in a celebrity's name followed by the words "bacon number." The result will show you how those two are connected. 

For instance, if you type "Robert Downey Jr bacon number", it will inform you that his bacon number is 2.  This is because he appeared in "The Avengers" with Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) and Clark Gregg appeared in "The Air I Breathe" with Mr. Bacon. There you have it - Six Degress of Kevin Bacon.

Now, Envision is an IT company and like many IT companies, when Google releases a hidden treat or fun Google doodle, we take notice and try it out! For instance, during the recent Olympics when the search engine debuted playable doodles focused on specific events in the games - we all did our best top become Google Olympians. On the day they released the hurdles game, there were a lot of tired hands in our office from playing that game!

So with the release of Google's bacon number, we had some fun seeing how closely connected people are to Kevin Bacon. As luck would have it, cake day fell on the same day, so we enjoyed some cake while we conducted our search. Try it for yourself - visit Google and see if you can find anyone with a bacon number higher than a 4.  That is the highest we found!

One interesting item we did discover during this search was that Envision's bacon number is 2. Our Adminstrative Support person, Michelle Metivier-Jacobs, appeared as an extra in the movie "The Women" with Meg Ryan. Meg Ryan appeared with Kevin Bacon in the movie "In The Cut." This means that Envision's bacon number is 2! Sadly, because Michelle was an extra in the film, she was uncredited - so if you do a search for her name, it does not show up in the bacon number equation - proof that the Internet is not perfect. Still, we here at Envision know the truth - our bacon number is 2.

You can check out Michelle's IMDB page or see her awesome promo photo below.

Michele Metivier

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