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It’s Cake Day!

In our recent move to our new office, one of the things we were sad to leave behind from our old office space that we shared with our friends at KLR was their monthly "Cake Day" celebration.

Once a month, the entire staff at KLR are treated to cake to celebrate that month's birthdays and raise the morale of the staff with some cakey goodness. At Envision, we know a good thing when we see it - or in this case, when we taste it - so this was one tradition that was coming with us!

Today Envision celebrated the first monthly cake day at our new office, enjoying a Toffee Candy Crunch Cake and a Lemon Burst Cake from Greggs. The cake was delicious and the time spent enjoying it in our new office's tiki bar area was a nice break in the day. Additionally, with the start of this tradition at Envision, we can rest assured that Curtis' custom "It's Cake Day!" t-shirt, which was designed for him by Envision's Web department, will not go to waste.

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