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Left, Right, Center

Nothing like a little lunch followed by a friendly game of Left, Right, Center to break up a Friday afternoon.

What is Left, Right, Center, you may ask? It is a simple dice game that takes less than 1 minute to learn. Each player gets 3 chips. There are 3 dice. Each dice has 3 sides with a DOT on it, while the other 3 sides have either an L, R, or a C (left, right, center). When it is your turn, you roll the dice. If you roll the dot, nothing happens. If you roll a L or an R, you give a chip to the person to your left or right, respectively. A roll of C puts a chip in the center of the table and takes it out of play. The game progresses until only 1 chip remains in play. The person holding that chip wins.

Our tournament started with 4 seperate tables. Winners from each table went on to the final table until our final winner, Brent, was crowned, winning VISA gift cards and office bragging rights!

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