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Our Favorite Holiday

At Envision, we like April Fools Day. A few years ago, as a way to welcome a new employee to the team, we sent one of our Engineering Support staff on a cross-state journey to find a mysterious laptop - a laptop which he later discovered was really a box filled with pudding snacks. You can read more about that year's April Fools Day fun here.

For this year, we decided to have some fun with our CEO, Todd. A few weeks ago we had "Envision picture day" at the office so that we would all have some quality photos taken for press release purposes. During this session, Todd playfully took a silly photo with his head between the branches of the large tree we have in our office's common area/Tiki lounge. This photo was equal parts funny and creepy and it formed the foundation of our April Fools Day fun.

A series of "Missing" posters were created for Todd and plastered all over our office complex. We even printed a giant version of the poster and hung it on a pole beside the highway exit that Todd travels on each day to get to the office. Each of these posters stated that if you saw Todd you should "give him a warm embrace and tell him he is a swell guy." Our hope was that April 1st would be a day filled with hugs for Todd.

All of this fun led up to a surprise waiting for Todd at his desk. Wrapped in additional posters, Todd found a blown up version of this amazing photo printed tastefully on glass and suitable for hanging in his office or home. It was very classy.

Refusing to be left out of the festivities, Todd later recruited some help from others at Envision to blow up hundreds of balloons so that our VP of Strategic Business Development, Joe Gleason, would return from lunch to find his office area filled to the top with colorful balloons. In case you were wondering, it takes a few hours and a sizable team to inflate this many balloons, but just a few minutes and a sharp object to undo all that work.

April Fools Day is serious business at Envision Technology Advisors.

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