Going Beyond Simple Reports

Freedom Through Data and Automation

By leveraging data-driven decision making, developing tools to ensure that all constituents have rapid access to data intelligence, and by automating as much workflow as possible, you can respond to business risk proactively instead of reactively, identify positive behaviors and trends that you want to reinforce, and reduce the amount of time your people spend managing their technology, data, and processes.

Every time you automate a process, or drive decisions faster through data transparency and visualization, you save time and create opportunities for your people to interact with customers. At a time when human interaction and relationship-building opportunities are at a premium, the time you save through automation and rapid response to business KPIs is a currency you can spend to grow your value in the eyes of your customer and drive bottom-line growth.

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Establish an Emotional Connection

A Unique Team for a Unique Impact

We want your data to make the right emotional connection. To do this, we employ a unique team that is different than you will find at most data analytics practices: business intelligence analysts, human behavioral experts, artists, designers, storytellers, and training experts.

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Phase 1: Discovery & Development

We begin with strategic analytics workshop. We'll define what data you have available to you, where the data sources are and how to connect to them and who will need access With this information in hand, we will build the data models and develop the dashboards your organization will need to see.

Phase 2: Human-Centric Refinement & Distribution

Next, we define and deploy distribution and consumption options as we train your team to make data-driven decisions. We'll also collaborate with our Design and Storytelling Team to visualize the data’s findings and establish a narrative. That group works with your presenters on the data and the story it tells through coaching and mock presentations.

Phase 3: Ongoing Services

We work with you continually as part of a subscription service, keeping your data and the story it tells fresh and impactful. These services include monitoring of the data connectors, data refreshes as needed, data model refinement, updates to dashboards based on new versions of Power BI, and ad-hoc data analysis and dashboard creation.

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The Value of Storytelling

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just think how valuable your data’s visualizations are. Peer Inside’s Storytelling Services go so far beyond just the creation of dashboards. These services include:

We'll create customized infographics and visuals that can be used in presentations, on printed media, on your website, and on social media.

We'll develop presentations, including narrative flow to best tell your story using the data points are impactful points of reinforcement.

Expanded storytelling services can go beyond presentations to include story and script creation for website content, videos, podcasts, interviews, and more.

One-on-one coaching with certified training professionals to help your team understand the data and the story it tell, and to refine the way you present both to your audience.