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Setting Envision as your MS Cloud licensing provider is easy!

How to Join

2 Quick Steps and You'll be Good to Go

Step 1

Log into your Microsoft 365 admin portal by clicking the button below. Once you are logged in, you can come back to this page.

Microsoft Admin Login

Step 2

Add Envision and our distribution partner as licensing providers for your tenant.

Set Envision as Provider


Direct Access

Our team will be able to have direct access to help you choose the licensing that makes the most sense for your company.

Save Your Company Money

If you are a managed services customer with Envision, our team will be able to right-size your licensing on the fly... saving you money!

We Make Your Life Easier

Co-management of your tenant makes everything easier. You'll still have the ability to manage your own licensing, and adds/moves/changes are instant. However, if you don't have time to deal with it our team is there for you!

Receive Discounted Pricing

Envision provides licensing to our customers at a discount over normal Microsoft 365 pricing.