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Managed Services are supposed to make your life easier, yet too many MSPs make buying their services difficult. Trying to determine which services you need from a complicated menu of offerings, and then figuring out how that combination of services is priced, can frustrate even the most seasoned of IT professionals. There is a better way to buy Managed Services.

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Ground Control Managed Services

Subscribing to Managed Services frees your team up from basic management, user support, and rote tasks so they can focus on activities that will actually move your business forward. We make it easy to move over to our services by not required any termed-length contract and having no set-up fees for our services. Already stuck in a long-term contract with your current provider? We even provide transition assistance to get you over to a Managed Services provider who will deliver the solutions you need.

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InFlight Boundless Cloud Platform

InFlight is a cloud services platform for servers provided by Envision.

InFlight can be delivered through one of Envision’s secure data centers, providing high availability, security, and complete management and monitoring up to the operating system so that you can focus on your business applications*.