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It's a common cliché in movies: the hero is tricked into helping the villain. Yet when it comes to cyber security, that's our reality for the foreseeable future. As you read this, well-meaning employees are sharing credentials with imposters and administrators are granting unlimited access to the wrong people.

The answer is Microsoft Zero Trust. It's an integrated security philosophy and end-to-end strategy that can limit damage and stop threats. Work with Envision to make it a foundational part of your approach to business.

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Go from Clark Kent to Superman with Zero Trust.

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Identity and Access Management

Why is Susan in Accounting trying to download an HR file? She's never used that laptop before. She doesn't live in Sweden. Perhaps it isn't Susan at all.

  • Microsoft enables continuous authentication of identity based on both the context and risk involved
  • Multi-Factor Authentication can further challenge users to prove their identities with text messages, notifications, even biometrics
  • Access can be limited to "just enough" to perform the required task and shut down promptly after that
Files being transferred securely between devices

Device and Information Protection

Data has been called the most valuable resource in the 21st century. Losing control over it could mean fines, lawsuits, and bankruptcy. With Microsoft's Zero Trust technology, Envision can help shield your data - even if it leaves the building.

  • Secure endpoints and applications (including work apps on personal devices), manage compliance requirements, and encrypt devices
  • Classify, label, and encrypt files. If a sensitive document is sent to the wrong person, the recipient won't be able to open it
IT security professionals monitoring Microsoft data

Security and Threat Protection

Modern computer infrastructure is too complex and sprawling for humans to manually identify malicious activity. The key is Microsoft's advanced machine learning capabilities, which help Envision's security professionals hone in on problems and address them quickly.

  • Microsoft's policy engine gets smarter over time, collecting advanced telemetry and analytics
  • Unusual network activity - whether from external attackers or internal malfeasance - can be investigated or stopped in real-time by Microsoft