90 Minute, No-Cost Workshop

What Does Digital Transformation Mean for Your Organization?

In this workshop, our Change Agents will present strategies for how you can define what Digital Transformation means for your specific organization. We'll also look at some of the most exciting new technologies driving business innovation today, as well as the emerging technologies that are poised to have the greatest impact in the months and years to come.

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Define Digital Transformation

Learn how to define what Digital Transformation means for your specific business, and how to be a Change Agent within your company.

Evaluate Company Roles

Discuss the roles that you should have within your company, or through key partnerships, in order to effectively drive Digital Transformation initiatives.

Discover Emerging Technologies

Discuss strategies for how to assess emerging technologies to determine fit for your organization.

Create a Culture of Innovation

Learn strategies for creating a culture of innovation within your company to help make the entire team a part of your Digital Transformation journey.

Learn about Modern Workplace

Walk away with an understanding of how modern technologies such as Cloud, Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, O365, Sharepoint, Teams and others fit together to enable Digital Transformation.

Embrace Change

Discuss generational gaps in technology and the changing manner in which employees, co-workers, and customers interact, communicate, and collaborate.

I'm Innovative. I Embrace Change. Show Me How.

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